Buying Guide Made for Moms: Baby Carriers and Strollers

One of the main things a mom will need for her new baby is a stroller. There are strollers specifically Made for Moms which offer the best usability. This is important because even though the stroller is for the baby, it is the mom who would have to push and pull it around. For this reason, the usability and functionality need to be perfect for both baby and mom. There are buying guides to help moms choose the right strollers, carriers, and car seats. Below we discuss the things moms need to think of before purchasing a stroller.

Types of Strollers Made for Moms

There are different types of strollers that fit different needs and different budgets of moms:

All-Purpose Strollers

All purpose strollers are the safest bet if you are not sure of the stroller to get and if you don’t have any specific needs. They range in prices from as low as $160 to over $1,000. When purchasing an all purpose stroller, bear in mind how often you are going to use it and let that decided how much importance you put into the purchase.

Lightweight Strollers

Lightweight strollers are very simple and are usually the cheapest type of strollers. They are used often when traveling because they are more convenient to carry around. If you plan to use your lightweight stroller more often or if you plan to travel a lot, try to get one that is durable so it lasts you for a long time.

Jogging Strollers

Jogging stroller are made for one specific purpose: going jogging or running with the baby. If you are a parent that likes to jog and you plan to go jogging with your baby then it is a good option for you. The jogging stroller is made to withstand different terrain and the movement while jobbing so your baby s comfortable and can even fall asleep during. If you don’t normally job but plan to, perhaps you should wait till you actually start before you purchase a jogging stroller. If you make an aspirational purchase, the stroller will be a wasted purchase and a daily reminder of your failed plan.

Double Strollers

Double strollers are a great option if you are expecting twins or if you have a baby and a toddler. They are usually more expensive but they safe you so much hassle. You can push two tiny humans around easily with a double stroller. There are also double strollers that can be deconstructed to a single stroller and vice-versa. This is a great option so if your toddler is in school you can still use the stroller for the baby without looking like you are missing a child.

Things to Consider When Buying a Stroller


When preparing for a baby there are a lot of things that parents need to get for the baby and the cost tends to add up pretty quickly. One of the most expensive purchases is usually the stroller. I tell you, it can come as quite a shock when first time parents realize how expensive they are. However, prices vary from pretty affordable to expensive so you should be able to find something that fits your budget. You can also add a stroller to your baby registry and if you’re lucky, a very enerouse family member or friend will get it for you. Keep in mind that the cheaper the price the lesser the quality. If you intend to use your stroller for a long time and for different kids you are going to have, it’s best to invest a good quality stroller that will last you. Also, a high quality and durable stroller usually has a better and higher resale value than other strollers. If you plan to see your stroller after your child outgrows it, you can check online for the resale price of the stroller you intend to buy.

Car Seat

When you clip a car seat and a stroller together, it’s called a travel system. If you drive everywhere you would need a car set and it helps if it can be paired with your stroller. It’s nice to be able to transfer the baby from the car in the car sit and just clip it to the stroller. This is very convenient for newborns and babies less than a year old. It helps because you can move the baby without waking them up if they are sleep. Also newborns are not strong enough to sit up in a stroller so unless you have a stroller build specifically for newborns, you should plan to have a travel system. It’s better to purchase the car seat and stroller together to ensure compatibility.


When buying a stroller, you have to consider the terrain you live in. If you live in a big city where you walk to most places or take the underground train, your choice of stroller would probably differ from someone who lives in a suburban neighborhood and drives everywhere. If you plan to go on walks in rough terrain like going on hikes, then that would factor into your purchase decision. For example, Air-filled rubber tires can go just about anywhere, provided they don’t get a flat. However, luxury strollers have foam-filled, no-flat tires. They give you a smooth ride with no fear of punctures. Make sure you check the glide of the stroller before your purchase – take it for a test drive by pushing it around the store and try other things like hanging a bag on it to see how well it will hold your stroller diaper bag for example. Also you should look at the wheel specks so you know how well the stroller can hold its own on outside terrain.


Most strollers weigh between ten and thirty pounds, but the average weight is usually around 15 pounds. For example, if you drive everywhere then you would need to load and unload the stroller often so you would want to get something a bit lighter. If you would be carrying a massive diaper bag and walking long distances, then you would want to get a stroller that has a good weight and can hold its own.